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24. sep. 2017.


The Association "ene spretnih ruku" (Women with skilled hands)

Members of the Associations of Women with skilled hands, "ene spretnih ruku", are active during the whole year. They are organized as part of the CS "Petfi Sndor" and do not miss any event in Bezdan or other places, to introduce the people with the beauty of their handicraft.

They exhibited at the ethno festivals and exhibitions in Bacsalmas, Novi Sad, Sombor, Vrbas, Svilojevo and Bajsa... They are often able to host similar associations from other places, preparing fun evenings.
We found them working and chatting. According to the words of Francika Pap, the president of the Association, Wednesday afternoon is their day for the meetings in the Cultural Center. They make different kind of handicraft, share recipes, taste domestic confectioneries and the time from 14 to 18 hours passes in a minute in that pleasant ambience.

At the end they told us that they want to expand their membership and they also want to teach younger women how to work and preserve old fancy works.


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