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Bezdan is located on the northwest of our country. It is 10km away from the border with Hungary, and 6km from the Croatian border and the Danube. From Hungary, from Baje, Bezdan can be reached via the border crossing Hercegszanto- Ba?ki Breg, from Croatia, from Beli Manastir, through the border crossing Batina-Bezdan. Vojvodinian come to Bezdan from Sombor, which is 16km away.

Swans by the channel

Sunset on the
Great Baki channel

The view from the
bridge to Baki channel

Bezdan can be proud of its natural beauty. In addition to the river Danube, which flows near our place, there are the channels, which are a paradise for fishermen and swimmers. The construction of the system for flood protection contributed to greater popularity of the weekend settlements in the vicinity of Bezdan. As soon as warmer spring days arrive, the owners of the weekend-houses on the banks of the Danube, Bara?ka, the Franc channel, the Bajski channel, Korlato and Ken?ija start with cleaning and preparation for the new season. These are the perfect places for vacation, walking, fishing, swimming, water sports...

Danube at Bezdan

Bezdan from
bird's-eye view

Banks of the Danube
and its environment

All these places can be easily passed through by bicycles too. After an easy drive or walk; passengers can relax in one of the "?arda" (typical restaurants by the water) which, besides refreshments, offer delicious fish specialties.

Veliki Baki channel

Fish specialties

Veliki Baki channel

V.Baki channel bank

Wild ducks

Kayakers club

Because of the environment, which is rich on forests, hunting is recently getting a very popular way of tourism.




The tourist offer of Bezdan should certainly include the medicinal spa.

Courtyard of the Spa



''The Tripartite meeting" becomes tradition. It brings together young people from Hungary, Croatia and Serbia, and it is held in August.




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