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Primary school in Bezdan

Name: Primary School "Bratstvo-Jedinstvo" Bezdan
Address: Zrtava Faizma Street 25.

Peolple started settling again in Bezdan in 1742 and in the following year the first priest established the first school.
In 1874 the school in Bezdan was taken over by the municipality and in 1911 it became a state-run, public school. Between the two wars there were no major changes in teaching methods, and the school worked as a Public Primary School. After 1945 the school got it's current name "Bratstvo-Jedinstvo" (Brotherhood-Unity), Bezdan.
The new building was built in 1979.
The Primary School "Bratstvo-Jedinstvo" Bezdan is located in Zrtava Faizma Street 25. It operates as an independent education institution with no external departments. Currently 435 pupils attend the school in 25 classes and there are 49 employees.
The school has 25 classrooms and study rooms and a hall for physical education. Teaching is conducted in two languages - Serbian and Hungarian. The school works in one shift. Our teaching materials and equipment supplies are constantly being improved. The main activity of the school is education. The school is funded mainly from the budget of the regional government and partly from the municipality budget.

The main entrace

The park before the school

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