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Association of citizens "PULS"

President: Metzger Tomo
Tel: 025/810-966
Address: rtava faizma 3.

Association of citizens "PULS" was founded as a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit association of citizens whose goal is the implementation of multi-ethnic, cultural, sports and other programs for the purpose of communication and tolerance between ethnic communities and the creation of a better offer and choice of living in our community.
The association was founded in December 23, 2004 in Bezdan on the initiative of ten dissatisfied citizens from our place; dissatisfied because of the need for cultural and sports events, and because of the complete apathy that is more and more present.

Club Puls

Puls emblem

As we expected, in the beginning there was a great division between the people who in some way participate in the social and political life of Bezdan. It is our duty to persevere in our work, to ease the intolerance and to try to draw attention to is in the interest of showing a positive relation towards things that are used to satisfy our needs and the needs of all the citizens.
After half a year of work there are about 100 members but unfortunately only a dozen of them is active, so one of our goals is to move the other members, especially the young people. We think that we need a place, where people can come together, where the exchange of opinions is possible and where new friendships can be made. Thanks to the Local community, to the Culture and education community and the Fishermen we got one room in the building of the Local community, which we can use. We have arranged this Club and it is opened every day except Tuesdays from 17-22 h.
We had several programs so far and here they are:
-we organized discussions and round table on the topic: culture, sports, human relations and ecology
-we redecorated one room in "Trskara"(cane factory) in where we organized the concert of the group from Sombor "Line Out "and a concert "Jazz for sale "
-at the opening of the club Beke Robert and his friends performed the songs from Jozsef Attila, and after that young members of the Theater section from CAS Pet?fi Sndor.
-we participated on the ethnic food and music festival in Novi Sad
-we organized a concert of the group "Tabu" from Bezdan and the "EKV Tribute Band" from Sombor.
After the assets we got from the Municipalities in a competition in September, we realized the program "Ubrzanje pulsa omladine Bezdana"(Speeding up the pulse of the people from Bezdan) with topics like self-employment, education and the lack of sport fields and facilities for the youth.
In September (17-18) there was the "Tripartite meeting" where we participated as one of the organizers; dance groups and choirs from Hungary, Croatia, and our country performed their dancing and singing and there was a selling handicrafts exhibition.

Jozef Atila Evening

Jazz for sale

Line Out

"Senkifldi Vitz Lrincz" concert


EKV Tribute Band

The cooperation with other organizations is very important to us and we made the first steps in that area; Backi Monotor and Sombor have shown to us that we are on the right path.
The "Laza Kosti" Cultural Center provided us with resources for the implementation of the program "PLUS" where we organized two concerts. After long years, jazz music can be heard live in our place and the only songwriter from Bezdan performed his own songs.
Our project "Pokreni se"(Move up) is a positively evaluated in the competition by the Fund for the development of the non-profit sector for the youth, so we organized it in January.


Fejes I. and Dioi A.


The Foundation "Szl?fld Alap", "Nemzeti kulturlis Alapprogram" from Hungary and the Provincial Secretariat for National Minorities also granted funds that we used for the procurement of a loudspeaker system, so we do not have to rent it anymore.
During our first year of existence, we did very much and we wish to contribute to the development of culture, sports and tolerance in our place together with other non-governmental organizations and local authorities.

Cane factory

We play

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