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Economy in Bezdan today

Two decades ago, hundreds of workers came in the morning hours from the surround villages to Bezdan by car or by bus to work. Over 1200 people worked in the shipyard, in the printing house, in the farming sector or in the textile factory. In other, smaller economic entities, there were at least once more so many people. On the "ruins" of these large companies now there are just small economic entities with around fifty workers and with empty industrial buildings. You can no longer hear the sound of tools of the remained workers of the well-known and recognized shipyard by the canal because they are traveling every morning to Apatin's shipyard where they work and do only service jobs.
However, the good thing is that in the last decade some new, private companies still managed to expand the production and increase the number of employees, slowly but in a good way. There are about ten of them, who engage between 20 to 50 young people. The other people work in shops, bakeries, pharmacies, flower shops, bars, exchange offices etc. But that includes only around 200 employees who are constantly rotating, and often, the shops and the bars close from one day to another and new ones are getting openA smaller number of people work in public institutions in Bezdan or travel to Sombor to work.

The one with trading skills turned to opening craft-workshops for service activities. This way, there is the Auto gas service, the bicycle repair shop, the locksmith, photographer, hair stylists, the stonecutter, the vulcanizer, builders...These are all workshops with 2-3 employers and with enough work. In recent years, some occupations that previously were not very typical for this village, such as taxi drivers, service agencies and other, got popular.

During the last few years you can hear a lot about rural tourism. However, that is not the situation in Bezdan, despite of the numerous advantages of the place. There are no professional agencies or organized arrivals of larger number of tourists. There are just random tourists who are satisfied with individual initiatives of few boarding houses and cards by the water.

The situation in agriculture is different. On the one hand, the people with small particles and outdated equipment can no longer keep pace with the time, not even with the help of the Ministry of Agriculture. On the other hand, there is a small number of younger farms that grow fruit and vegetables in order to achieve larger profit on smaller particles. The competent Ministry provides considerable credits, which can refund certified nursery, equipment for irrigation and more.

We talked with successful businessmen from Bezdan about the economy of Bezdan today and about the employment opportunities for young people.

Jolanka Pai, part-owner and director of the company "Savremeno pakovanje" (Contemporary packaging): "Our company is engaged in the production of packaging and the registry and employs about 50 mostly young people. We employ in season larger number of employees, and we have need for young people with professional, secondary education. I think that young people can stay or return to Bezdan if they have an idea for their own business. There are opportunities, but I think that young people today have no patience to develop their ideas and turn them into a successful business."

Lenke Bezdan Berec, owner of the housing cooperative "Bezdan-stan":
"There are small possibilities for the returning of educated people to Bezdan, except for individual cases in services industries. Local authorities should create a good climate for investment in Bezdan, which means, to offer investors settled industrial zone with infrastructure. That is the only way for running and improving the production in Bezdan. "

Nikola Tucakov, director and part-owner of TP "Koteks"
"If we look back to the number of companies and employees, as it was in relation to other villages in the past, the situation is now catastrophic. Poverty and reduced consumption affected all the activities in the village. Our environment has paid the price of not being ready to the transition too, and solving these problems goes beyond the level of local self-government. Perhaps that is a task for the province, because there should be a good general strategy. We can not, for example, at the same time talk about the development of tourism and at the same time about the industrial zone in Bezdan, that can not go together. As for the young people, it is closer to reality to find themselves in contemporary agriculture and individual tourism initiatives that is in a combination of both activities in one family business. "

arko Pudar, owner of the cooperative "Agrobezdan:
"Sad is that the development of a place or a region does not stand in direct relation to the number and size of the "controversial businessmen" that Bezdan and even Sombor have. After the economic collapse of Bezdan, I see the possibility of employing people first in tourism because of the wide spectrum of potential that this place has. In order to attract a serious and constant number of tourists, especially foreign tourists, it needs more individuals to invent new ideas for the tourism development of Bezdan. As far as the employment of young people concerns, it is not true that there is no possibility to find one. They should not think only in the direction of seeking a job and working for a "big boss", but they also have to think about starting their own business. So they need a self-initiative, which is actually characteristic for young people. On the other hand, most young people would still want to get a lot of money in a brief period of time and live at high standards."

We could say, the situation is not so bad. The one who wants to work, he can still find a job. However, during the last two decades, the young people who go to the cities to get a higher education there do not come back to Bezdan. Beside that, many perfect educated young people, although living in Bezdan, rather look for a job on the Croatian coast or somewhere else abroad than to find a job here. Because earnings are far better, and with all the money it is easier to make their dreams come true.

This September, the Executive Council of Vojvodina invites tender for employment in the so-called rural areas. It is expected that seventy university graduates start working in villages already in December. That is an initiative for young people to quickly come to a job, and the village can prosper. Where will Bezdan find itself in this project, we'll see. In any case, it would be good to form as soon as possible a Club for the businessmen of Bezdan so that they, who already worked hard, got knowledge and proved their success, could promote their vision of the economy of Bezdan.

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