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There were around 200 households engaged in agriculture 4-5 years ago in Bezdan and that included about 2,700 ha of fertile soil. The hosts were engaged in farming and cattle breeding. In the PP There were 350 people working and around 100 seasonal workers in the PP Bezdan (agricultural firm). PP Bezdan owned 3,000 ha of land and it was mainly focused on agricultural production.

Everything changed after the Company Matijevi? bought the PP Bezdan. Most of the employees became technological surplus and they began to deal with agriculture on their own farms. At the same time, it is the time of various innovations, lectures, loans and the registration of agricultural farms. In all this things the countries in our surrounding precede us.

Today the farmers in Bezdan still mainly deal with farming and have about 2,700 ha land in private ownership. Around 1,000 small farms are registered. In the last two years there are some advances in the rearing of fruit and vegetables, as well as the in application of the latest technology in production, feeding and protection of field crops

The biggest problems of the peasants in Bezdan are still the same: small property, obsolete machinery, unprofitable way of growing the cultures and lack of space for storage, which is required for exit to the market. Owners of properties which are smaller than 100ha should be reoriented to the profitable cultures (truck farming and fruit growing). Of course, this process requires greater investment and knowledge, but brings more profit too. Family farms will be able to survive only if they join together, because that is the only way that they will be able to get competitive with larger farms. There is also a need to specialization and division of work for one culture, instead of the previous dealing with all sorts of things. Both small and large farms together should exert pressure on the country, so that it would create a long-term development strategy of agricultural fields and make valuable laws.

During the last few years there were regularly held some lectures with useful thematic by a representative of the Agroinsistitut Sombor, professor of the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, as well as by the members of successful associations in the field of agriculture. In the Association for the development of Bezdan there is the Agriculture club, and there are also few modern farmers who are members of various, professional district associations and in Vojvodina too.

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