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The Association "PIROS RZSA "keeps and cherishes THE TRADITION OF HANDCRAFT

From early youth Rozalija Holpert loved the needlework. Her hobby and love, two years ago, she shared with others: she founded the association "Piros rzsa" (Red Rose) as part of the CS "Petfi Sndor". Beside handicrafts (embroidery, crocheting, knitting, painting, sculpturing), members of the Association cherish the old recipes for making dough and delicacy.

The association now has over fifty members of various ages, and it can be said of both sexes too, there are men who make embroidery, make ships in bottlesThey meet once a month and make plans. Recently they returned from Senta from the International handicraft exhibition with plenty of medals and diplomas. The president Rozalija got a master diploma, and the association won the first 36 places. They were the seventh among the 72 exhibitor groups.

The fall will be interesting too. They will participate in Budapest and Kalocsa at the handicrafts exhibition. They cherish various skills, but with the help of women from antavir, they want to learn patchwork, as well as making things out of straw and cornstalks.

Another interesting thing about this association is the working with children in the Primary school. Last year, they successfully devolved the love and skill in handicrafts with a group of 25 children. According to Rozalija, they intend to continue with the workshops with children during this school year too, because children are really interested in this kind of manual work.


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