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Ecological Society "Ozon" Bezdan

The Ecological Society"Ozon" was founded on the 7th December 2002 as a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit voluntary association of citizens organized, with the goal of the development of ecology in the area of Bezdan, as well as the development of awareness of the importance and influence of environment.

The basic goals and tasks of ecological society are:

- to create a new civilization orientation towards nature
- to protects and promotes human environment (alleys, grass and other green areas)
- to improve hygienic way of life
- to protects watercourses
- to control the pollution of the environment by the technical, industrial and other waste
- to intercede for the use of healthy food
- to propose and organize action against those who threat bad the environment or cause damage, pollute, destroy or in any other way underestimate nature and its laws
- to perform actions and support environmental health and cultural education of citizens
- to cooperate with universities, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad, that deal with environmental and human rights in general

The Ecological Society has 40 members.
There is an Ecology-club in the "Bratstvo - jedinstvo" Elementary School in Bezdan as a part of the ES "Ozon". It is a group of around 50 children who also profound ideas for the protection of the environment.

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