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Local Community

Address: rtava faizma 3
Tel.: 025/810-212

There are reports about the work of the Council of the local community since 1964 in the LC archive. Until 1984 the Council had 35 members. After that, the number of members was reduced to 21. The members of the Council were at that time elected at the assembly of citizens by public voting.

Since 1998 the LC Council has 15 members, who are elected by secret ballot in the voting districts of the local community. The mandate of the members of the Council lasts 4 years. The last composition of the Council of MZ "Bezdan" was selected on September 3, 2006. The mandate of the Council was verified in the same year on September 13. The same day, the Executive Committee was also appointed, which has 7 members.

The verification of the mandate of all fifteen members of the Council of LC "Bezdan" took place and so the Council of LC "Bezdan" was constituted in the term of four years in the following composition:

1. Pfaf Mihalj
2. abrilo Dragan
3. Varga Ferenc
4. Devi Livia
5. Balla Itvan
6. Horvat Jano
7. Taka Jano
8. Fridrih ula
9. Nadoveza Marija
10. Pilii Josip
11. Tabori Joef
12. Mate Terezija
13. Beli Jano
14. Balla Ferenc
15. Bilmajer Gertruda.

In accordance with Article 35 of the Statute and Article 10 of the Operating Procedure of LC "Bezdan" there were suggested 6 members for the Council and one external associate member for the Executive Committee of LC "Bezdan":
- Fridrih ula
- abrilo Dragan
- Beli Jano
- Nadoveza Marija
- Mate Terezija
- Devi Livia
- Vuini Roland for external associate member

Nadoveza Marija was selected for the president of the Executive Committee.

The LC Council of Bezdan, as the highest body of the local community, passes the Statute and other general and specific acts of the LC, provides the program's development, passes the financial plan and the final account, reports about the work of the LC, proposes measures for the development and improvement of utilities and other service activities, the preservation and protection of cultural goods, environmental protection and improvement, construction, maintenance and use of general goods of the LC, discusses issues in the field of direct interest to the citizens of the LC etc.

Building of the local community


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