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24. sep. 2017.

The Charda of Lucky


d.o.o. ACT - Novi Sad R.J. arda kod Sreka - Sebesfok - Bezdan
Tel: 025/810-200
Mob: 063/538-244

Dear Guests!

The geographical situation of "The Charda of Lucky" is 190 kilometers northward-westward from Belgrade, 8 kilometers from the Hungarian frontier at Backi Breg and 4 kilometers from Croatian frontier at the bridge of Bezdan. In very nice and pleasant surrounding, as a spider in the net woven from itself, the Charda is standing in the water-net of the Danube, the Channel of Danube-Tisa-Danube and the Channel of Baja.

The chamber of the Charda accepts 80 guests and the part of the terrace on the water 80 guests as well. Every time if you wish to feel yourself pleasant in the oasis of the water silence, with top service of the staff, with the best domestic kitchen and pleasant voices of a tambura-orchester, you have to come to us.

The supply of the fish-specialties:
- Fish seasoned meal with paprika fish in stew-pot with the best domestic noodles
- Roasted and broiled catfish, pike perch, sturgeon, therpan, carp and pike perach orli.

The supply of specialties of meat:
- Steak, cutlet a la Charda, so called Karadjordje cutlet, Vienna cutlet, Paris cutlet and nature mushrum cutlet.
- The supply of specialties braised steak.

In surrounding of 4 kilometers around of the Charda there are possibilities of hunting and angling (fishing). To the fans of hunting, there is a possibility to hunting with professional guides.

There are in course of construction the following complexes: comfortable little houses for the night revels and rest, as follows: with two beds, three beds, four beds, piers, jetties for the boats, plateau for the plage.



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