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24. sep. 2017.

The Orthodox Church


On Saturday, 22 September, it was started with the works on the foundation of the future Orthodox temple in Bezdan. There was a working, solemn and emotional atmosphere, because it is a great wish in the heart of the Orthodox believers in Bezdan and it is finally on the road to its realization. There was the Mayor Jovan Slavkovi? with his wife and his associates, the priest Srdjan Peri? and the chairman of the Association for the development of Bezdan Balla Ferenc.

The idea of the building of the Orthodox temple in Bezdan exists since decades, and the motive had become more intensive during the last two decades, when more and more Orthodox believers moved in to Bezdan. In February 2004 the assembly of citizens was assembled and a new initiative was launched: to build the temple for spiritual fulfillment of the Orthodox believers who fulfilled those needs till now in Sombor. The Committee for the construction of the temple was elected. President of the Board is Mirko Strigi?, whose persistent and long-term effort, along with other members, made it possible to this idea not to go again into oblivion. The church also gave its support, the same as some individuals of our community.

The place of the future Orthodox temple will be (2100 m 2) on the corner of Rodina and Pusta ulica. With a lot of voluntary work and donations by people of good will, it is important to propound the gift of Mile Zec architect from Novi Sad that includes free work on the project of the temple and the accompanying facilities.


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