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Association for the development of Bezdan and its environment

Address: rtava faizma 3.

At the suggestion of the Association for the Development of Sombor, and Slavica Periki from ADF (American Foundation for Development) on 17 February 2005, on the initiative of Marko Stipankov and Andreja Stipankov-Marot, interviews began with citizens of Bezdan, about the establishment of the association for the development of Bezdan and its environment. The aim of the Association is the development of economy, tourism, culture, ecology, health and sport of Bezdan and its environment. The talks turned into the preparation of the Establishing assembly of the Association for the development of Bezdan and the environment.

The Establishing assembly took place on the 11 March 2005. There were around 80 people and the meeting was at the Spa in Bezdan. 33 people were the founder, according to a list of its founders. CC from 15 members was selected: dr Balla Ferenc, Mirko Strigi, Marko Stipankov, Ki Itvan Tibi, Filomena Ostrogonac, dr Kedve Gustav, arko Pudar, Panda Jano, Fridrih ula, Zeli Mihalj, Mile Basari, Andrea Stipankov-Marot, Zlatko Zuji, Karlo Logo and abrilo Dragan. AC from 3 members was selected: Snjeana Trivunovi, Zorka Pudar and Ki Valerija.

After the Establishing assembly the first meeting of the CC took place. Ferenc Balla was elected for the president, Mirko Strigi for vice president, Marko Stipankov for the general secretary and Andrea Stipankov-Marot for the technical secretary.

Two tribunes took place: one about agriculture and one about tourism in the presence of adequate guests. The tribune about credits in agriculture was organized by Zarko Pudar in the presence of Vlado Kroni, republic deputy and member of the Commission for Agriculture of the RS. Topic of the tribune about tourism was the possibility of the development of rural tourism

There are three projects:
- The concept of a sustainable development of tourism in the area of the Danube near Sombor
- Women's sport and recreational center of CC "Dunav" Bezdan
- Building of the natural healing spa in Bezdan-II phase

It was decided that we have three persons authorized to sign papers: Dr. Ferenc Balla, Mirko Strigi and Marko Stipankov. It was decided to make the promotion of projects in mid-May.

In this period actively work two Club Associations: The Club for tourism and the Club for the old crafts.

It was decided to apply with the project "Design of a new border crossing on the Danube for small vessels, with a proper infrastructure."

In the building of the Municipality of Sombor the ceremony of signing the statement of candidacy-participation cross-border competition between the Municipality of Sombor, the Association for the development of Bezdan and its environment, the International Science Forum " Dunav reka saradnje " and Hungarian partners took place on 17 May 2005. There were dr Balla Ferenc, Mirko Strigi, Marko Stipankov, ika Gojkovi and Andrea Stipankov-Marot.

During July 2005 the Club for old crafts participated on the Ethno-Festival in Novi Sad.

In that time, we tried to strong up the Association. arko Pudar accepted to lead booking; we selected Vuini Roland for manager, and we named Ostrogonac Philomena for treasurer.

We applied at Batisz for membership (Baja, Hungary). We have not yet received a response.

The Association participated on the ethno-festival in Novi Sad and for this activity they received 10,000.00 dinars from LC Bezdan, which was later given as a donation to Euro-Baka in Sombor.

We support the project "Staza zdravlja" (path of health), which was designed by Ljiljana Sokolova Djoki and Igor Repac. We have a positive opinion about the necessity of the projects Etnoselo Baraka, Master Plan, Marina Baraka, Auto-camp, Punktovi u prirodi and Pristanite na Dunavu.

To the Roman Catholic municipality we suggested two times to appear on the competition: in Illys Fund (Hungary) and the Ministry of National Minorities of the province.

We did the same with the Lokal cultural-educational community (the competition ''Szlfld alap'' Hungary) and with the CAS ''Petfi Sndor" (competition from the Hungarian Ministry of Culture and Sports Ministry of the province).

We do not know anything about the results of these competitions.

We had a positive opinion in connection with the project Program for the employment of Roma in Bezdan, which was submitted by the Association of displaced Roma; however, funds were not received.

We started with the realization of the project "Etnoselo Baraka".

We participated in the realization of an Internet room. It has been moved from the building of the LC to the library. We successfully solve the problem of an Association office, which will be in the LC in the room where previously the Red Cross was.

We would like to achieve that the natural health resort in Bezdan become the main attraction for tourists in the village. However, it seems that it is something what the people in Sombor and in Apatin do not want to happen. The Regulation of the Serbian government made six independent institutions out of the seven natural health resort in the province, while the spa in Bezdan still exist as the medical squad of the hospital in Sombor. In such a situation it can not apply for credit or for non-repayable funds. Otherwise, the natural health resorts in the province have received 300 million dinars as non-repayable funds from the Executive Council of the province. Because of all that the chairman of the Association sent a protest letter to the President of the Executive Council of Vojvodina, to the Provincial Secretary for health, to the mayor, to the director of the Medical center, to the principal of the subsidiary of the Republic Institute for health insurance for the West-Batchka District and to the president of the Council of the LC Bezdan. Until now, we did not receive the answer to this letter.

The Association asked for 1,834,000.00 dinars as a non-repayable fund for Kova Joef, for the enlarging of his farm for the purpose of development of the rural tourism.

The Association organized, together with the CAS and the"Puls", the meeting of the frontier civil organizations (Serbia, Hungary and Croatia).

Bezdan, 24 October 2006 dr Balla Ferenc the president of the Association

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