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The Catholic Church

Catholic parish church - St. Simon and St. Jude Thaddeus, Bezdan
Address: Ulica rtava faizma 9, 25270 Bezdan, R Srbija
Tel./Fax: 00381/25-810-329
Bank account: Vojvoanska banka a.d.
Reverend: Ft. Zlity Mihly (Zeli Mihalj)


In the beginning of the eighteenth century, 2 km south of Bedan, the Serbian and Croatian immigrants established trbac. They were mainly shepherds. One year a large number of sheep died because of a disease. The residents had given a vow to build a chapel if they got free of this disaster. The misfortune was over so they built the Holy Trinity Chapel (on the corner of the Pusta ulica and Somborski put, next to the House of culture) during the years 1710-1720. This chapel is the oldest preserved Catholic monument in Vojvodina, which is built by the people.

The first church was built by the settlers starting with the year 1740. The walls were made of twigs, and the roof was made of cane. In 1755 the church was destroyed. According to some sources, it collapsed, and according to other sources, it burned down.
In 1756 a new church was built out of bricks; the sketches were made by Ferenc Majerhofer, an engineer from Budapest. The surface of the new church was 25 * 15 m. Because of the rapid growing of the population, the church soon became small to receive all the believers, and the monarch Josef II decided to expand it in 1787. However, this idea did not become reality.
The church was dedicated to the honor of St. Simon and Judah Tadej, and since that time there was a new custom: a village-fair takes place every year on the last Sunday in October.

In the middle of the1840-es appeared again the question about the construction of a new church, because the current church was small for the 7,011 catholic inhabitants. On 26 March 1846.g. the building of the new church began. During the construction, masses were maintained in the Holy Trinity chapel. The church was sanctified on 19 December 1847, and as the people wished, because of the hundred year old tradition, the church's protectors remained the same, St. Simon and Judah Tadej. The length of the church is 56 m; the width 12.85 m and the height of the tower is 38 m. In 1887 the clock is located in the tower.


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