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Karlo Bijelicki Library Branch


Already in 1900 there was a "Hungarian Library", with a high number of books and with a special building in the Zrtava Fasizma Street. In 1944 the Bulgarian army destroyed the books and after that the "Hungary Library" stopped working. In1924 the "Serbian Library" was established on the same place where the former reading-room was. The library had about 400 books. In 1941 the books were destroyed too, and the reading room stopped working again.

In 1946 the "National library and reading room" was established as a part of the "Cultural-educational society". It worked like this until 1954 when it separated from the "Cultural-educational society", and continued its activity as an independent cultural institution. In 1963 it was integrated with the City Library in Sombor. Since that year it works as a part of the National Library "Charles Bijelicki" Sombor.
The library was from 1963 located in a building in Rodina ulica 2. Because the place was too small, it moved to Crkvana ulica (today the building of the Police Department) and after 1976 it moved to Rodina ulica 20. In December 1996 it moved into the building of the Elementary School "Bratstvo-jedinsto", but there were also problems with the accommodation. In May 2005 of the Local Cultural Educational Community the Library moved into a renovated building, with a lot of space as part of the Cultural Center in the Crkvena ulica 2.
This "Karlo Bijelicki" Library Branch today has about 17,000 books in Serbian and Hungarian, and the number of members is about the 250. We have to mention Jakob Kel? who regularly gave books to the library as a gift, and after his death, the Library received two stylistic cabinets for the accommodation of books and even some furniture. Beside that he donated a certain amount of money for the acquisition of books, and with this fund the library got richer with 4,383 books.


Today the library has two employees, who work every working day from 8 -18 h.
In the library people are able to read daily newspapers, "Magyar Sz", "Somborske novine", "Kpes Ifjsg" and "Zabavnik".

Registration can be done from 1 January and it is valid until the end of the year.

300 dinars for adults.
200 dinars for pupils and students.
400 dinars family package (three family members).
200 dinars registration staff.

There are computers in the reading room, which provide free Internet access for the members.
There is also a selling exhibition of the "Likovna kolonija "(Painting colony) from the year 2006.

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